1.Such long bridges seldom (are built / are being built).2.Excuse the mess.The house (is painted / is being painted).3.I can’t  give you the articles now.They (is translated / are being translated). 4.Room 47 is not ready yet.It ( is cleaned / is being cleaned ).5.At the moment a new road ( is built / is being built ) round the city.6.Such books (are not translated / are not being translated) easily.7.We are expecting quests.Tables (are laid / are being laid).8.Your room will be ready soon.The beds (are made / are being made).

  • 1. are built  2.  is being painted. 3.are being translated. 4.  is being cleaned. 5.  is being built  6. are not translated 7. are being laid. 8. are being made

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