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  • London, the capital of Great Britain, is situated on the Thames River. It is the largest city in Europe with a population of eight and a quarter million. It is divided into four parts: the City, Westminster, the West End and the East End. The City is the business and commercial heart of London. Many banks, offices and firms are concentrated there. The Tower and St. Paul’s Cathedral are in the centre. The Tower is about 900 years old. Many years ago it was a royal residence, then a prison. Now it is a museum. St. Paul’s Cathedral is very large and fine. It was completed in 1710. The famous English architect Christopher Wren planned and built St. Paul’s Cathedral. If the City is the business part of London, Westminster is the centre of administration. We can see the Houses of Parliament there. It is a beautiful building with two towers and a very big clock called Big Ben. The Houses of Parliament stand in Parliament Square. Westminster Abbey is opposite the Houses of Parliament. Many great Englishmen were buried in Westminster Abbey. To the west of Westminster Abbey you can see Buckingham Palace. It is the royal residence. The ceremony of the changing of the guards which takes place in front of Buckingham Palace is of great interest to the tourists. Rich people live in the West End. The best and most expensive clubs, restaurants and theatres, beautiful houses and parks are there. The East End — the district of plants, factories, slums and docks — is for the working people. London is unlike any other city in the world. It has rather wide streets but low houses. It looks very grey because there is so much rain and fog there. Only buses and pillar-boxes are red. This city has never been planned and it has many parts which are different from each other.
    Перевод : Лондон, столица Великобритании, расположен на реке Темзе. Это самый большой город в Европе с населением в восемь с четвертью миллиона. Он разделен на четыре части: Сити, Вестминстер, Вест-Энд и Ист-Энд. Город является деловым и коммерческим центре Лондона. Многие банки, офисы и фирмы сконцентрированы там.Башня и собор Святого Павла находятся в центре.Башни составляет около 900 лет. Много лет назад он был королевской резиденцией, а затем тюрьмой. Теперь это музей. Собор Святого Павла является очень большим и прекрасным. Он был завершен в 1710 году.Известный английский архитектор Кристофер Рен спроектирован и построен собор Святого Павла. Если город деловая часть Лондона, Вестминстер является центром управления. Мы видим, палатами Парламента. Это красивое здание с двумя башнями и очень большими часами называют Биг-Бен.Здание Парламента стоять в Парламентской площади. Вестминстерское аббатство находится напротив здания парламента. Многие великие англичане были похоронены в Вестминстерском аббатстве. К западу от Вестминстерского аббатства можно увидеть Букингемский дворец. Это королевская резиденция.Церемония смены караула которая проходит перед Букингемский дворец представляет большой интерес для туристов. Богатые люди живут в Вест-Энде.Лучшие и самые дорогие клубы, рестораны и театры, красивые дома и парки находятся там. Ист-Энд — район заводов, фабрик, трущобы и доки — для трудящихся. Лондон не похож ни на один другой город в мире. Он имеет довольно широкие улицы, но низкие домов. Выглядит очень серым, потому что есть так много дождя и тумана там. Только автобусы и почтовые ящики красные. Этот город никогда не были запланированы, и он состоит из многих частей, которые отличаются друг от друга.   

  • London is the capital of England, the capital of Great Britain, and the capital of the United Kingdom. It is the largest town in Europe and one of the oldest towns in the world. The old Celts gave it its name, the Romans! made it the centre of their new colony, the Germanic invaders tried to burn and to destroy it, the victorious Normans made it the capital of the country.
    The central part of London is full of historical remains. Nearly every building, every bridge, every street, palace, house, and stone — each of them has its own story, its own past. In London past and present are so mixed together that they cannot easily be separated and when you are in London you see the past in the present and the present in the past.
    The oldest part of London is called the City. In the City the streets and pavements are very narrow and the traffic is very heavy on weekdays. That is because the most important London firms and banks have offices there. But at weekends the City is almost dead.
    The most fashionable and the most expensive part to live in is the West End. It is situated between the City and Hyde Park. The City and the West End are the heart of London; they are the parts which everybody who comes to London must see and wants to see, because they are more interesting than any other part of London. All the most interesting buildings, shops and offices are situated here.
    The Tower of London, the Bank of England, the Mansion House where the Lord Mayor lives, the Law Courts, and many interesting old churches are situated in the City. The Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the National Gallery and many theatres and good shops are in the West End.
    London has many bridges over the Thames, more than twenty but the most interesting of them all is the Tower Bridge situated near the Tower of London.
    The Tower of London is an old castle, with high walls, high towers, small windows and large gardens. Once it was a royal residence, a strong fortress and a state prison. Here many important people, among them two wives of Henry VIII, were imprisoned and beheaded.
    One of the oldest and the most famous places of London is St. Paul’s Cathedral. It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times since the original construction in the 7th century. It stands in the centre of the so-called Little Britain. A large part of Little Britain was destroyed during the war: the houses that were close to the Cathedral’s walls disappeared and for the first time in centuries St. Paul’s Cathedral’s beauty can be seen.