Dear MariaThanks for your letter.I`m glad to hear that everything is going well.I`m sorre i haven`t written for so long bat i`ve been really busy looking out for a summer job.You asked me about my plans for summer holidays.Well, now i`m working in a camp shop.I`m glab that i`ve got this job, because i`ve always wanted to be in a `people` type of job.I like meeting new people, helping and talking to them. I think that working at the camp helps me to learn how to be responsible for a of different  things.If people complain, i know to deal with them.I`m getting lots of valuable practical experience that may be useful for the future.As you know, i want to go on to studuy business and law at university.One of my favorite parts of working is belonging to a team and meeting people from lots of different places.I`m usually at work from about 9 am until 5 pm and i check people in and serve holidaymakers.I enjoi working at the camp- everyone knows who i am and i know them!Do you work during the holiday season? Will this job help you in your fature career? Are summer iobs popular with teenagers in your countryWrite back soonEmma

    may be useful for my future. As you know, I want to go to University studying
    business and law. One of my favorite pieces of work — it belongs to the team
    in the camp helps me to be in charge of different things. If people are

  • Dear Maria,
                     Thank you
    in the holiday season?
    Will this help
    for your letter. I was happy to hear from you. Sorry, I couldn’t answer at
    summer holidays. Well, I work in a camp shop. I`m glad that I`ve got this job,
    and meeting people from different cities and countries. I usually work from 9
    once.  You ask me about my plans for
    complaining, I know how to help them. I get valuable practical experience that
    people. Also, I like to help and communicate with them. I think that the work
    Do you work
    Do you like
    wishes, Emma.
    Надеюсь, я правильно вас поняла. Удачи вам!
  • what you’re doing?
    With best
    people and they are me!

    because I`ve always wanted to be in a `people` type of job. I like to meet new
    am to 5 PM, I work with people. I like to work in the camp, because I love
    you in your future career?