Complete the sentences with the word

The porridge is ready. Sit down at the table and … — Sit down at the
table and enjoy your breakfast.

 To lay the table, to cut a slice of bread, to make a cake, to have a
sweet tooth, to enjoy breakfast, to
do the washing

1.       I sweep the floor and you can
________. And then we,ll go to the park together.

2.       Have you __________? Very good.
Now  put a slice of ham and a slice of
cheese on it. T here.
The sandwich is ready.

3.       I think a box of sweets will be a
nice birthday present for your little brothers. They both_____.

4.       Helen, what are you doing in the
kitchen? – I, m going to _____       ____________. I have got a new recipe.

5.       Alice, could you help me to
_______    ________, please?  — Certainly, Mum.l’ll put the plates and glasses on the table.

  • 1 you can do the washing
    2 have you cut a slice of bread?
    3 they both will have sweet teeth
    4 I’m going to make a cake
    5 alice could you help me to lay the table?