Complete each sentence with one of the words below.
One word is odd out.

  private    punishment    
  depressed      secondary       education
    allowed    argument

 argue       trouble        
 compulsory      behaved

Students are … to talk freely about their
I’m frightened of getting into … , but it’s not
The education in … schools is very expensive.
Public schools are famous not only for their
perfect … .
Each teacher reports if you have … well or badly.
In Russian schools there are several types of …
like in British schools.
Martin is … because he can’t speak to the girl he
really likes.
It’s a strong … .
You shouldn’t … with your parents.
At … school pupils study for five years.

  • 1-allowed ,2- trouble    ,3-private,4-education, 5-behaved ,6- punishment   
    10-secondary  ,9- argue,8- punishmentssed   ,7-depressed,