текст на английском с переводом о моей школе 15 строчек .(На первом есть сталовка и спортзал и зелёный уголок на стенке фотки лутших учеников .Школа большая светлая.И мне очень нравится здесь учиться,что здесь все как одна большая семь!)это должно быть в тексте обезательно!СПАСИБО!!!!!!

  • I’m studying at school. My school is large and bright. I like to study here. All of our school as one big family. We all know each other. On the ground floor there is a dining room with tasty food and a gym. As there is a green area. On the wall hung photos of the best students of our school. They are our pride. All classrooms are very clean and spacious.Our school has many beautiful flowers. In the courtyard of the school yard. We go out there at recess or in gym class. The school itself in appearance I like.I am glad to learn that there