Надо составить по 12 предложения из неправильных глаголов из любого столбца

  • 1) You have forgotten your swimming thungs.
    2) Pete has been to the health club.
    3) Sue and Mick have gone to the gym.
    4) The writer has been learning to raft.
    5) I have been learning how to climb granite cliffs.
    6) I made some mistakes.
    7) I saw that TV actor on my way to school.
    8) The band then had to stop while the members were finishing their education.
    9) After the holiday, he was keen to see the photos that he had taken.
    10) My brother used to love scuba-diving, but he never went swimming on his own.
    11) I was nervous because i had never ridden before.
    12) I have not seen a good film since last month. 
  • I was at school yesterday. She made a cake two weeks ago. He went to the park yesterday. I ran fast with my father yesterday. My brother came home 5 minutes ago. He forgot to do his homework. I woke up later yesterday. She sent the letter to her boyfriend. I froze in the street, because it was very cold. She sang a very nice and funny song. He bought a nice doll