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What would you show your foreign friends in your home town ?

  • In my hometown, I would have shown a lot of beautiful southern locations. Russian nature, beautiful field on the outskirts of the city, insanely beautiful river! I’d told him about the weather! Heat is of course difficult for some, but in my town the sun always shines! It is so wonderful! I would show them all the sights! For example Krasnodar Academic Theatre or Literary Museum Kuban .. In my town there is something to see! There is a monument to Catherine II! And even monument purse. In my opinion — this is a very beautiful place Ekaterinskaya Cathedral. My favorite place is Alexander Arc de Triomphe. She was a kind gift from the Emperor of urban merchants and Cossacks. And of course — Singing Fountain! I love to see him .. Such a bright landmark there in Krasnodar! Really love to visit this place! And certainly showed it to my foreign friends.