В каком времени употребляются:

1) How lucky you was last year!

2) I am in a hurry now.

3) My father will be away on business next week.

4) We won’t be present at the Russian lesson tomorrow.

5) There was fire flowers in the vase last week.

6) There was an old bed in the bedroom last year.

7) They are giving a squirrel some nuts to cat now.

8)Yesterday Mary came at 7o’clock.

9) Peter won’t ring  up his friends tomorrow.

10) Sometimes people keeps snakes as pets.

11) I will get up early tomorrow morning.

12) The warm wind is blowing outside now.

13) The pupils won’t spend a lot of time outdoors next week.

14) His Mummy made a very tasty cake the day before yesterday.

  • Все в прошедшем( past continuous ).
    Поблагодари, если помогла)))
  • 4)будущее

  • 1)Прошедшее
    2 предложение не знаю)
  • 6)прошедшее
    7)настоящее длительное