I like to read books. Books take a lot of time, but it doesn’t frighten me. Me since the childhood taught cares and to love books. Recently I read books such as Eragon, Harry Potter and others. Books it is my friends they teach me to assiduity, patience and I become cleverer. Since then when I began to read books my lexicon increased twice. My most favourite book is Eragon in it is reported about that as the boy of years 12 came to be in the old, rotten village. Then it made friends with a dragon and he to it helped to get out from there. Book of very big more than 500 pages. I very much love books and I think I will always love. Помогите проверьте сочинение

  • I like reading books. It takes quite long to read one, but it doesn’t scare me away. Since childhood I was taught to care about books and love them. Recently I read books such as Eaton, Harry Potter, and others. Books are like my friends, they constantly teach me about assiduity, patience. They make me smarter. Since the time I’ve started to read, my vocabulary has doubled. My the most favorite book is Eragon. This book is about 12 years old boy who happened to live in old rotten village. One day he has made friends with a dragon, and helped him to escape from there.
    I like books so much and I think they will always be a big part of my life.
  • That book is really big. It has about 500 pages.