Написать письмо (150 слов) о своей школе. Как бы вы ответили Трейси?
Write a letter (150 words) about your school. How would you answer Tracy’s questions

  • Hello Tracy

     How are you? Sorry I haven’t written to you so much time. You asked me about my school and I want to tell you about it.

     Lessons usually begin at 8.00 and finish at 14.00. In our school we all must wear a uniform. We have many interesting classes such as chemistry, biology, ICT. If you’re hungry you can go and buy something in school conteen. Also if you are ill you can ask for help in medical room and then go home.

     Our school is so beautiful! You can see many plants here, specially in biology class. But our classroom is amazing. We are used to decorate the class before St Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day with classmates and I love this time.

    Добавишь что-то о своей школе интересное) И имя в конце не забудь