Пожалуйста, помогите написать сочинение по английскому на тему «права человека»

  • Every person from birth is natural law. They are all enshrined in the Declaration of human rights, adopted by the international community. Surprisingly, people took a whole century to understand their rights and approve them. And they are so simple and clear! I think if all people will respect their own and others ‘ rights, the Earth will become much less grief, tears and injustice.

    First and most important human right is the right to life. It should be sacred for all. Also, everyone has the right not just to live your life, but to live it with dignity. Make sure no one else was humiliated personality, morally or physically. Not beat, not intimidated, was compelled to something. Man has the right to dignity and freedom. And therefore he has the right freely to choose: to whom to learn, where to work, who to love.

    Also everyone has the right to private property. Such is human nature that we all want to have something all my own: house, car and other things. Nobody has the right to take it away from us.

    To protect human rights shall be the state and its laws. But people often have to protect themselves from the state and its leaders. Seventy more years ago in our country were shot guys, who did not want to serve in the army. At the same time, in Europe some poor health, women were forbidden to bear children for the sake of the purity of the nation».

    It is very good that those days are gone, mankind became more conscious. But one cannot say that human rights are generally well respected, and in our country too. For the rich and influential citizens of the right as if wider, and for ordinary people already.

    Personally, I think that each of us should take care not violated his rights and freedoms. And of course, to defend them. And, the main thing is to respect the rights of others, no less than their own. Then our country will be called legal.