напишите 2-3 предложения на тему Some times your best friend can hurt your feelings.
вот само задание. Here are some topic sentences. Choose one and develop a paragraph by using an example.
заранее спасибо))))

  • короче, я уже сама запуталась ЧТО именно нужно сделать, поэтому пишу маленький текст.
    People are so different, and it is almost impossible to find a person who is just like you. So I think, the person, you’ve chosen as your best friend is capable for forgiveness even if he/she had done something bad and hurted your feelings. Some people say, that friend cant be chosen — I dont know. The only thing I am sure about is, that if you had met a person, who became to be a close friend of yours, when you are angry at him/her just thing about the fate, that maybe this person was giving you as a «sign».

    В общем, что-то такое. Моя учительница в английском лицее очень любила такие вот текстики. Отпишись потом, что сказали — интересно.