Answer these questions.I. How often do you go to the theatre or an opera house? 2. What is (are) your favourite theatre(s)? 3. What was the performance you liked most of all/least of all? 4. What seats in the theatre do you prefer? 5. With whom do you like to go to the theatre? Why? 6. What do you usually do during the interval? 7. Have you ever been backstage? Would you like to go?Why? 8. What makes a performance successful? 9. Is there a drama circle in your school?What is it like? If you haven’t got one, would you like to have it? Why? 10. Have you ever acted in a play? When? What part did you play?

  • 1. I go to the theatre once a month. 2. Pushkin’s theatre, Bolshoy theatre. 3. Most of all I liked master and Margaret. 4. In the back. 5. With m classmates or with my family. 6. I usually go to cafe. 7. Yes, once, I would because it is really interesting behind the scenes. 8. Decorations, special effects, acting. 9. No, there is no drama classes at my school, But I tried. I have gone there for 5 years. 10. Yes, many times, tha last time was this year, I played Father Frost .