написать сочинение на английском языке про маму

  • Look! This is  my mum. (дальше пишешь про её внешность кем работает ) I  love my


  • Mother’s heart loves his children in all situations , ever since one and a memorable day in the life of the mother takes her baby in his arms . Desire to raise a child that will meet the hopes and expectations from this day takes all thoughts mother and only child now completely owned by its loving mother’s heart .Mommy , Mommy ! You deserve these gentle sincere words . I look at you and remember my carefree childhood . You gave me and my sister lives and dedicated themselves to us all . How your heart can love us so much ! What a pity that we do not think that sometimes their actions or harsh words can hurt you . Forgive us for what we upset you that sometimes listens to teachers notes about our bad behavior .We should think more often about how not to hurt your heart , as to do so , to smooth wrinkles on your face . After all, the older we get , the more you need our attention and love. We should not hesitate to be kind and gentle with her mom, except for work to be patient and attentive to her.Unclaimed and unspent good feelings running out , we are getting used to be callous and ungrateful with the families and friends of the man — his mother . And very often the case that we behave prudently and rudely : «If you buy me a new phone, I’ll try to get a high score on the geography , if allowed to go to a party , bear — bucket with garbage .»We must love your life already for what she gave us her mother — a cheerful , sincere , kind , wise . After all, how many children in this world devoid of happiness. Mother’s heart and boundless maternal love not warm them , do not fill their children’s lives meaning.Mom, you became my friend, soul mate who understands and respects my interests . You always listen to what tells you your mother’s heart , and give correct advice . Thank you, mom , for what you are, and that your heart is always ready to love and forgive !