Put the verbs in brackets into the proper present tense (Present  Put the verbs in brackets into the proper present tense (Present Indefenite, Present Continuous or Present Perfect). 
1. The vice-president usually (to set) objectives for the staff. 2. Don’t disturb me, please, I (to work) with the annual report. 3. This  firm  often  (to  advertise)  in  different  newspapers  and  maga-zines. 4. We advertised in a special section of the newspaper but we (not to receive) the resumes yet. 5. We (to evaluate) already the candidates through the interview. 6. We (to look for) a specialist suitable for the position at the present moment. 7. He (to sent) just his resume and the letter of interest. 8. They (to fire) the manager. He was not suitable for the position. 9. You have to wait a little. He (to consult) with the executive. 

  • 1. Sets
    2. I’m working
    3. Advertises
    4. dont receive
    5. We have already evaluated
    6. Are looking
    7. Just sent
    9. Are conaulting