Open the brackets and put the adjectives in the required degree of comparison.

He speaks English (well) than she does.
This printer is (expensive). That one is even (expensive).
This company is (important) in the world.
The ColourScan scanner is (reliable) among others.
The manufactures chose (high) technology to produce this device.
This task is (difficult) than the previous one.
You can buy (good) digital cameras in our shop.
Dot-matrix printers are (cheap) than laser printers.
The Micro Liser XT is (fast) of all.
It is (easy) to draw rectangles than ellipses.
We can provide you with any (far) information.

  • 1) Better
    2) the most expensive, less expensive
    3) the most important
    4) the most reliable
    5) the highest
    6) is more difficult
    7) the best
    8) less cheap
    9) fastest
    10) more easily/ easier
    11) further