напишите небольшое сочинение на английском про белорусскую рок группу, можно любую. плииииз очень надо

  • Akute (Акутэ) — the Belarusian rock band performing the song in the Belarusian language. Created in 2008, former participants of the Mogilev alternative band. The first performance Akute was held in August at the festival «the Parish» (Mogilev)[1]. In November, the Belarusian popular website «Tuzin Hitou» premiered the first recording of the band, the song Azniv», which stayed in the hit parade of the site until the summer of 2010 and according to the results of the final round is included among the 12 best songs of the season, finishing in 3rd place In the summer of 2010, the group performed at the festival «Be2gether» (Норвилишкес, Lithuania), has won the Grand Prix at the festival «Basovska» (Grodek, Poland) and «Вертифест» (Kyiv, Ukraine), and took the second place in the «Graffiti Open Music Fest» (Minsk, Belarus). In the autumn for 5 days in the Studio of «Arzamas-16» in Mogilev was recorded all the songs on the forthcoming debut album.  In February 2012 came «Krou EP»(Rus. The blood), and in April — the second album «Nie Isnuje»(Rus. ‘t exist), which also received a high rating — 8.5 (on a 10 point scale) from critics customers Experty.by. CD presentation was held in Minsk club «Re:Public». In September, the band played at the opening for Placebo. In October released the Maxi-single «Ihołki» (Rus. Needles»).
    In December Akute were recognized as the best band of the year the website Tuzin.fm and received the award «Hero of the year» In the same month, the group became one of the heroes of national advertising company Nescafe 3 in 1 « just don’t give up»
    Song Akute entered the soundtrack of the first Belarusian youth series «Above the sky», which because of the conflict between the crew and the customer in the Internet was presented of the author’s full-length version, which became the best Belarusian film 2012 according to the rating Kinopoisk.ru. The collective became the prototype for the group, which developed around the events of the film