Помогите пожалуйста!
1)Замени выделенные слова местоимениями.   he,she,it,they.
Образец: is your big sister in the garden?-is she in the garden?
1)Garden is in the bedroom.
2)Where is Mum?
3)Is Daddy in the kitchen?
4)Lulu is behind the house.
5)The children are in the garden.
6)The fridqe is next to the sofa.
7)The flowers are on the table.
8)Our living room is pink.

  • 1) It is in the bedroom.
    2) Where is she?
    3) Is he in the kitchen?
    4) She is behind the house.
    5) They are in the garden.
    6) It is the next to the sofa.
    7) They are on the table.
    8) It is pink.