Помогите выбрать нужный вариант 
1) We asked Professor Smith when he ( came, had come) to Moscow how many places of interest he already (saw, had seen). 
2) Little John believed that Canada ( is, was ) in the South of the American Continent. 
3) We all wanted to know where in New York the Statue of Liberty ( is, was) situated.
4) The children asked what cities in the USA we (saw/had seen) 
5) Father told me that I ( made/had made) a mistake in may school test 
6) We all knew that Germany ( declared/had declared) war on several European countries in 1941
7) Not all the pupils knew thet the US President (is/was) the Commander in Chief of the country’s armed forces

  • 1. came, saw

    2. was

    3. was

    4. had seen

    5. made

    6. had declared

    7. was

  • 1) had come, seen. 2) was. 3) is. 4) had seen. 5) had made. 6) declared. 7) was.