Помогите!!! Даю 20 баллов.
Нужно написать письмо в формате ГИА.
…I like magazine stories about celebrities and always read them… I`d like to make a party at the weekend. What shall I start with? Shall I keep my parents at home? How many guests shall I invite?
Write Karen a letter and answer her 3 questions.

  • Moscow,Russia
    06.03.14 (эти первые две строчки писать с правого краю.Не забудьте пропустить строчку после них и только после этого начинать писать письмо)

    Dear Karen,
    Thank for your letter.It was very nice to recieve it.I must apologize for not writing to you for a so long time as i was busy passing my exams.

    It is great that you are planning to organise a party at the weekend. The things that you need depend on what type of a party you are going to make but sandwiches,drinks and a good music are needed. Every party consists of these. I suggest you keep your parents at home. Teenagers usually party very loud and you will be only bothering your parents.Invite a group of your closest friends and I am sure you will have a good time.

    Hope too hear from you soon,
    Best wishes
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