Помогите с Английским языком.
Составить предложения с не правильными глаголами, на тему что я делал на :летних каникулах , или в прошлых выходных , или вчера.
Не объязательно использовать все глаголы , хоть половину из них.
Слова из первого столбика !!!

  • Last weekend was the celebration  of Pancake week in my family.  
    On Saturday we woke up in the morning because of the smell of pancakes that my mother were cooking. After the breakfast we decided to visit the festivities. We wore warm clothes, met our friends and moved to the Central Square. That day many people came there. First of all we decided to go for skating, but on the skating rink we spent not a lot of time because father felt down and hurt his leg, that’s why we chose less harmful activity and moved to the trade fair. There parents bought me a very beautiful mittens. We ate a lot of very tasty pancakes and drank hot tea. At night I slept like a log.

    On Sunday we had a festive dinner. We invited all our relatives Mother taught me to cook  real pancakes. I knew that it is not easy. After the meal mother let me to go for a walk with friends. 

    It was a very interesting weekend.

    was, woke, were, wore, met, came, spent, felt, hurt, chose, bought, ate, drank, slept, had, taught, knew, let