мини сочинение про любимого писателя

  • My favorite writer Alexander Kuprin . Reading his works , I do not get tired amazed his talent . We had a unique ability to Kuprina — create extraordinarily lively, vibrant images that are stored on the reader all my life. Kuprin was amazingly versatile man who all his life sought to knowledge, mastered and studied various sciences . Upon his retirement , the great Russian writer dabbled in dentistry, worked as a journalist , he served in the church, moonlighting as a loader . Great October Revolution in 1917 Kuprin was unable to , so he emigrated from the country. Twenty years that he lived abroad , writer dreamed of returning to his homeland, he was concerned about the fate of Russia and former compatriots . According to his contemporaries , Alexander always looked at life optimistically , was energetic and upbeat . That’s how it works — they beat key , striking in their vigor and dynamism . Most Kuprina heroes — people with very pure and kind soul who hate the humiliation of others, striving for freedom and universal happiness . Almost all the characters of Kuprina keen sense of justice . One of my favorite characters is a writer Lieutenant Romashov — the protagonist of the story » Duel» . One of the main themes of the works of my favorite writer Kuprina was the theme of love. Love , according Kuprina this feeling that requires dedication, it is stronger and more important than anything else. That kind of love we can see in the product Kuprina «Olesya» . Her love is full of tragedy and sadness.