Поставьте глагол, данный в скобках, в соответствующую личную форму Present (Simple Indefinite). Переведите предложения.

Miss Grey (to teach) us French. 2) They (to meet) in our club very often. 3) My friend (to help) me in my German. 4) These students (to rent) a room. 5) Mr. Green and his wife (to live) in London. 6) I (to like) such films. 7) In winter we (to ski) and (to skate) a lot. 8) He (to shave) every day. 9) Many people (to play tennis) in summer, 10) This man (to know) you very well.

  • 1) teaches 2) meet 3) helps 4) rent 5) live 6) like 7) ski and skate 8) shaves 9) play tennis 10) knows