Раскройте скобки и употребите глагол (tohave) в соответствующей форме

1.     He (to have) two questions to ask you.

2.     What flat (to have) you friend? He (to have) a nice two-room flat.

3.     Their daughter (to have) not children.

4.     Mike (to have)  not a son. He (to have) a daughter.

5.     (to have) you questions? No, we (to have) not.

6.     Who (to have) a pen? I (to have). Give me your pen, please.

7.     We (to have) a bathroom in our flat.

8.     (to have) Jane’s daughter a room or a flat in Omsk? She (to have) a one-room flat.

9.     Nina’s son (to have) not a red pencil. Give him your pencil, please.

10.I (to have) not French books at home. I don’t know French

    отмечай ответ как лучший ) и если у тебя остались вопросы по англ, или нужна помощь , пиши в лс )

    8.has, has
    5.have, have
    3. hasn’t
    2.has , has

  • 1) has
    2) does your friend have; has
    3) has 
    4) has; has
    5) do you have; have
    6) has; have
    7) have
    8) does janes daughter have; has
    9) has
    10) have
  • 6.has, have

  • 1. has
    4.has, has