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1in what country is Mount Everest situated?
2 Is Gobi in Egypt or China?
3 Which is the highest mountain in Ukraine?
4 What are the countries where you can see deserts?
5Where do pandas live?
6 Which country is one of the biggest in Europe
7 Which country has the longest river?
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  • Everest is in the Himalayas. Gobi in China. Goverla highest mountain of Ukraine. In China and Australia pandas inhabit. Europe’s biggest country is Ukraina.Nil and Amazon — two longest rivers in the world.
  • 1The Mount Everest is situated in the Himalayas.
    2 in China.
    3 Goverla
    in China, Australia, Chile, USA, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan
    5 at theCentral of China
    6 Russia
    7amazon river.
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