Write a letter to Emma giving answers to her questions.

  • Emma’s summer job was working in a camp shop. She checked pe-ople  in  and  served  holidaymakers.She liked the job because she had always wanted to be in a “people”type   of   job.   She   liked   meeting   new   people,   helping   and   talking   tothem.  One  of  her  favourite  parts  of  working  was  belonging  to  a  teamand  meeting  people  from  different  places.Emma  is  hard-working  and  reliable.  (She  is  at  work  from  about9  am  until  5  pm.)She  is  always  on  time  for  school.She is cheerful and works well with others. (She likes meeting newpeople, helping and talking to them. If people complain, she knows howto deal with them. One of her favourite parts of working was belongingto a team and meeting people. Everyone knows who she is and she knowsthem.)She  has  basic  IT  skills.  (She  checks  people  in.)