Меню на каждый день пооож напишите..

    stay alive. Food is a source of energy. So, for some people food is a source of
    I also like
    live to eat.” I think this is true because food is something that we need to
    have different kinds of potato dishes or pasta. I like meat very much.

    food every day. It is usually very simple. My daily meal consists of light
    For dinner I
    fruits and all kinds of dairy products like milk, yoghurt, kefir and cheese.

  • There is a good proverb that I like very much: “We
    course I have lunch– it’s juice or tea and sandwiches.
    I eat similar
    are also what I love! Different vegetables are always on our dinner table. My
    Food is necessary part in our life.
  • In the
    have vegetable soup. Actually I don’t like soup. But I have to eat it because
    breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.
    course, my family likes to try new dishes.
    pleasure, too. But the food that we eat should also be healthy.
    morning I usually have some tea with milk, cheeseburgers and some porridge. Of
    eat to live, but do not
    Well, of
    it’s healthy. I can also have a salad and green tea. For supper we usually
    mom makes tasty salads. I really like it.