Fill in the spaces with the
needed form of the words in capital letters.
________ more and more
people are going
 abroad for their holidays, a third of British
holidaymakers still go for a _______ seaside holiday in
 It is not a surprise as ________ in Britain lives
more than 
120 kms from the sea. It was in the _______century,  when ________ London society
followed George IV 
to Brighton. He found the climate ________ and
 built ________ a summer pavilion
there. Today Brighton is
 very popular and in summer it is (переполненный) ________ with   people ________ their umbrellas to the beach.There are a lot of places of ________ in Brighton and people spend lots of money here.

  • although, traditional, no one, eighteenth, fashionable, agreeable, himself, overcrowded, carrying, amusement