Помогите  пожалуйста придумать детективную историю на английском! пожалуйста очень надо!!! Буду безумно благодарна

  • In good office detective services addressed certain Anna K., former wife of the influential Chairman of the Board Alexey K., rastorguevsky with marriage out of love to the gallant young Alexei Kirillovich Century, which has yet neizvestnuyu Anna, a craving for liquor. Anna had two children, one of whom remained from the first marriage and currently resides with his father. However, Anna does not believe. he is there, because her nurse German origin Frau-TASS (in the house Century — just Kruzhkov) y Alexey’s flat and never saw there no women, no boy. Anna afraid that her former husband was imprisoned son of revenge wife in the attic and holds it under the care of dogs. The women were very sad, so she turned to the chief detective — Raskolnikov. Hardly dawn approached he immediately went to the house where he lived Alexei. Fog on the streets of St. Petersburg haven’t yet Rossitsa why facade flashed before the tired eyes of a detective houses crept frightening shadows. Raskolnikov shook his head, trying to drive away sad thoughts. In fact, in that terrible fateful day he was driving down this road and at the same time, being depressed and overwhelmed. That day was rostopshina that he had loved, but was never opened to her, knowing that she will never meet him the same. Her heart had long belonged Mirzoeva, son-in-law nozdryov, with whom Raskolnikov sometimes missed a drink in the bar on the corner. Knowing how strong is the feeling of his Muse to his his best friend, he did not dare to tell her the truth, giving his happiness in the hands of another. On the night of her death, he couldn’t sleep, thinking about what should tell her of his love to ease your soul. He hardly waited for the morning and not having dressed and jacket, went to rostopshina, but it was too late: she was killed. Grieving he seized the axe and ran out onto the landing, «hruschevka», threatening to cut off the murderer of the head than frightened neighbors, calling the police. Since he was the Prime suspect in the murder. But this Anna did not know when he approached him for help. Thanks to fate, he selflessly set to work, which would help to prove that he has always fought for justice. At the same time he had the feeling that tells him that between the disappearance of a boy and death of his beloved there is some connection. Having come to the right place, he paid the taxi driver and hastily got out of the car, slamming the door behind me. Tangled up in his cloak, he did not notice that someone yanked on the second floor, startled by his appearance. Raskolnikov took a breath and rang the doorbell.- The house of Alexey K., how can I help You?» came to him in a hoarse voice.- I’m sorry, but I need to talk with the landlord, is it possible?- No, Alexei is not home.- replied the same voice, but the detective could not hear what the person on the other side of the door moved. — I thank you. I’ll come back dryly threw Raskolnikov, making himself in Notepad note.