Напиши пожалуйста сочинение на тему «как я провожу выходные» на английском

  • The rest — the weekend I have assigned to arts , ie directly in painting and drawing . No T-shirts , pendants , T-shirts, illustrations. I’m rolling out the easel , pull started last week canvases, occupying all the tables with paper and paints and brushes and start painting . Without fanaticism — it’s output . But too much sag do not want . In 3 — lunch , 6 — sprotzal .
    Usually foray into designer bazarchik give only one of the two output — means in the other of the weekend morning spent on the similarity of the general cleaning (which we have , by virtue of our Fedor , modest life , usually takes about an hour total) .
    And — of course — if you go to the gym every other day , in one of the two weekends I go to 6 spotrzal . And if it’s one of those days when I’m not supposed gym , then 7-8 pm will be an hour of aerobics native . The rest of the weekend can rassvinyachitsya to such an extent that morning exercise is canceled.
    Usually all the colors and patterns are spread out up to 12 nights . I only reluctantly come off once to see the mail .