Present Simple or Present Continuous?1. The telephone (ring). Can you answer it?2. Be quiet! I (watch) this film.3. What he usually (have) for breakfast?4. My parents (look) for а new country house now, because they (not want) to stay in Moscow in summer.5. We usually (take) а bus to get to school.6. ‘Why you (smile)?’ ‘I (have) nо homework today.’7. Where you (go) on Sundays?8. I always (wear) nice clothes at school. Today I (wear) а white blouse and а blue skirt.9. ‘Jane! Where are you? What you (do)?’ ‘I (clean) my shoes.’10. Nick (live) in Kiev. He often (phone) us when he (not be) busy.11. ‘Why you (go) to bed? It’s only 10.00.’ ‘I always (go) to bed early.’12. I can’t use the telephone now. It (not work).13. It’s late. I (want) to go to sleep.14. ‘How many languages she (speak)?’ ‘She (speak) six foreign languages.’15. I (not think) Ann (like) me very much.16. ‘Who is Richard?’ ‘He (stand) next to Jane.’17. My father (work) in а bank, but today he is at home. He (write) letters.18. ‘Where is Tom?’ ‘He (have) breakfast.’19. John (not get) up very early on Sundays.20. Oh, dear! This milk (taste) awful.

  • 1. PC( is ringing)
    2.PC(am watching)
    4.PC(are looking), PS(dont want)
    5.PS (take)
    6.PC (Why do yiu smiling?) PS (have)
    7.PC (Where are you going…?)
    9. PC «What are you doing? I am cleaning..)