Think of more arguments and decide if rap is to blame for teen violence . Думайте о большем количестве аргументов и решите, виноват ли рэп в подростковом насилии или нет ? 

  •  Some parents don’t allow their children to listen rap, because they think it will make theur violent. Is that true or not?
    Well, from the very beginning rap was like songs of poor people.Rap is «music of streets». Gangsta rap is reallyviolent and is dedicated to life of criminals. May be it really can be bad influence on teens, but that’s only one part of rap: it is stupid to say that you hate films after you saw action movie — that’s only one type. Rap singers can make songs about love, society or even politics — it can be really serious music.
    Plus, everything depends on person. If teenager is good and kind, no matter, how much »bad music» he listens to: his soul is much more important.