Помагите! Образуйте отрицательную форму предложений : 

1.He goes to school every day.

2.My sister works here.

3.They eat a lot.


4. We work every day.

5. I come from Ukraine.

6. He comes from Germany.

7. They live in the USA.

8. He plays football every day.

9. I visit my parents very often.

10. His father works at an office.

11. She gets up at seven o’clock.

12. They play tennis very often.

13. We go to the cinema on Saturdays.

14. He wants to become a pilot.

15. My brother watches television every night.

16. I read newspaper every day.

17. Her father finishes his work at six o’clock.

18. Nick goes to bed at nine.

19. He goes to school by bus.

20. We skate once a week in winter.

  • 1He does not go to school every day.
    2My sister does not work here.
    3They do not eat lot.
    4We do not work every day. 
    Остальные предложения точно также по образцу.