Плюсы и минусы роботов на английском

  • Pros. 
    1. operateswork 24 hours a day. 
    2. does not require a paycheck. 
    3. no problems ready to perform boring and monotonous work. 
    4. ready to perform any operation as part of its functionality. 
    5. Does fast. 
    6. does the quality. 
    7. does exactly. 
    8. Physically strong and great endurance. 
    9. does not require a hospital. 

    1. without having to pay to consume energy. 
    2. not to talk to souls. 
    3. the machine that can run only specified programs. 
    4. eating energy services and consumables required. 
    5. The failure of the repair will be expensive. 
    6. For training requires the person who is able to specify the behavior. 
    7. If I get into a zone, can hit