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Multi-part verbs in fixed expressions. Complete the sentences with these verbs in the correct form.

bring, bump, come, get (x2), make (x2), run, take, turn (x2), watch

1. I … timeoff work next July to go camping in Scotland.

2. When we set off it was cloudy, but later it … out nice.

3. We went hitchhiking round France, but … out of money after a week!

4. I … into an old friend while I was in London; we hadn’t seen each other for ages.

5. … out. The drivers are crazy in this country.

6. I spent all day in the museum. It was worth it; I really … a lot out of it.

7. She … down with a cold on holiday after she’d been swimming in the lake.

8. I don’t want to … up the subject, but how are we going to get home?

9. This map isn’t very clear; I justcan’tit out. I suppose after the long holiday we’ll have todown tosome work.

10. He… up an excuse for being late for the bus.

11. They said we could stay an extra two days but we … down their offer.

Complete the sentences with the “infinitive + to” or “the –ing” form of the verbs in brackets.

Many people can’t afford to send (send) their children to private schools.
I’ve never really enjoyed … (visit) other countries.
I didn’t manage … (meet) anyone famous when I was in Hollywood.
We’re looking forward to … (see) Egypt and the Middle East.
I’ll have to consider … (take up) a job away from the city.
He offered … (organize) our trip to Mexico.
During the trek in Nepal I sometimes couldn’t stand … (sleep) in a tent.
We threatened … (call) the police if they didn’t stop … (make) a noise.
They suggested … (have) a cup of tea before we left.
I don’t regret … (go) to Asia as it was a fascinating journey.


    5)to organize

  • 1)take
    9)to go
  • 4)taking up
    7)to call
    2)to meet