write a short review of any russian film that you like.

  • Фильм не русский, но текст без ошибок. Учитель проверял.

    Timless. Ruby book (2013), directed by Tom Blimger, Robert Marsin’ak, Felix Fukshtajner. It’s a fantasy comedy film. The main stars are: Maria Ehrich, Janis Nivener, Uwe Kokish, Veronica Feries. 
    16-year-old girl Gwendolyn Shepherd, living in London was the bearer of rare gene the time travel. But she don’t know about that, because  she and other people thought that her cousin Sharlotta was the bearer of a rare gene «rubin».Gwendolyn beginning her adventure in the past together with the same travel Gideon de Wheeler.   He’s symbol was «diamond».
    I think film is great. Also there are good special effects. I like music in this film it’s amazing. The story was very interesting, but i prefer films like «Now you see me». Also the action is good as well. The seance about her first travel in the time was great.
    I really like «Timless. Ruby book.»  Don’t miss it!