помогите написать сочинение на английском языке про рассказ «кусака»

  • Leonid Andreyev — the remarkable writer, the author of many stories close to children on a subject. For example: «Petka at dacha», «Gift», «Kusaka» and others. One of traits of character which the kind person has to possess, according to L. Andreyev, — careful attitude to animals. Andreyev emphasizes sincerity in communication with them of children, unlike indifference of adults.
        And animals Andreyev puts a problem of human relations in the story «Kusaka». It was called by nickname the main character of work.

        Subject of the story «Kusaka» is the history of a stray dog who in the life didn’t see neither caresses, nor love. It filled it with rage. But then the dog lodged on one of dachas on which there arrived a good family in the spring. They caressed a dog, named her — Kusaka, but then threw. The story comes to an end with only one phrase: «The dog howled …»
        Idea of this story that the bad attitude towards animals conducts to the same indifference in relation to people. Not incidentally therefore in the story there is an episode with the little fool Ilyushka. The people capable of treachery of the four-footed favourite, on them abuse, can arrive also with the relatives, friends. Confirms it an episode at the beginning of the story in which it is spoken about the drunk person. It hit a dog on the street, and then прихошёл home and beat the wife.