Open the brackets using the verb in the correct tense.

1. Who usually
(do) his homework in this room? 2. Who (do) his home-work there now? I (know,
3. I (live) near
my office last year. I always (walk) there. 
4. How well your
friend (speak) English?  He (speak)
English badly.

5. What language you (learn) five years
ago?  I (learn) french.
6. What language
he (learn) now?  He (learn) German .

7. How long your
class usually (last)?  It usually (last)
two hours .
8. How long your
class (last) on Wednesday morning?  It
only (last) an hour .
9. Who you
(discuss) this question with last night? 
I (discuss) it with my friends . 
10. Who you
usually (go) home with?  I (go) home with
my friends .
11. How well he
usually (know) his lessons?
12. I (work, not) at this office three years
13. You (work)
here now?
14. How long you
(stay) in Kyiv last year?  I (stay) there
a month . How long you (to be going) to stay there this year?  I (to be going) to stay there a month, too .

  • 1 does
    2 is doing, don’t know
    3 lived, walked
    4 how well does your friend speak English? speaks
    5 what language did you learn five years ago? learnt
    6 what language is he learning now? is learning
    7 how long does your class usually last? lasts
    8 how long did your class last on Wednesday morning? lasted
    9 who did you discuss this question with last night? discussed
    10 who do you usually go home with? go
    11 how well does he usually know his lessons?
    12 I didn’t work
    13 are you working here now?
    14 how long did you stay in kyiv last year? stayed. how long are you going to stay there this year? I’m going
  • 1. does. doing, don’t know.3. lived, walk. 4. does your friend speak, speaks.5. did you learn, he learning, is learning.7. does last, lasts.8. did last, lasted.9.did discuss, discussed.10. do go, go.11. does know.12. didn’t work.13. are working.13.