помогите составить вопросы 3 положительных 3 отрецательныхи 3 вопросительных в Past Simple

  • Yesterday I sleeped a lot.
    I drew a big picture.
    Yesterday I lost my pencil.

    I didn’t do my homework.
    I didn’t buy milk.
    I didn’t learn by heart the text.

    Did you phone to your friend?
    Did you drink a medicine?
    Did she read my letter?

  • Henry Howell has been working as a ski guide at the Austrian resort of St Anton.
    Since leaving school he has worked each winter in the Alps and each summer at a
    resort in Greece.
    “I have an unusual weekly schedule. Sundays are spent at the airport picking up our
    new guests. Mondays and Tuesdays are spent guiding our guests around the resort.
    On Wednesdays I’m behind the customer service desk, Thursday I have off, Friday
    and Saturday nights I’m working behind the bar.
    As soon as I left school I made a decision to go abroad. (1) My first job was working as a barman at the Italian resort of Clavier, and,
    since then, I’ve done everything from laundry boy to restaurant supervisor.
    At the end of my first working season they asked me (2) whether I would like to go and work at one of their Greek centres. As I came
    from a sailing background, (3) I started teaching windsurfing.
    I’ve visited lots of Europe and I definitely feel I have a career path in the making
    because my boss really looks after the staff.
    To do well in this job you need a bit of stamina but, most of all, you need to be good
    at dealing with people. (4)  I was let go but I quickly joined IBM in a similar role. I’m there to sort out any
    problems our clients have and to make sure they have a great holiday.”  _Peter Magee is now back in the UK after studying for an MBA and working
    US as a management consultant specialising in IT projects. “I decided to study for an MBA in America. I had been working as a software engineer for BT* and realised that (5)Languages aren’t that important but having the right attitude is if I wanted to change my career.
    I applied to Dartmouth Business School, one of the oldest in the US, and was lucky enough to get a place. At the end of the course I was offered a job at New York office.
    Then I applied for a job in Atlanta. It was a very interesting time for me — my work was very stimulating. Unfortunately, the money for the project ran out and (6) I needed a formal business qualification . It was IBM* that sent me back to work in its UK office. It wasn’t exciting so I left.
    When I came back to the UK for a job interview and (7) even though I’d been to one the US’s most famous business schools and had worked
    with some top companies, they were
    only interested in my O Levels. it was crazy.