Напишите письмо другу(подруге) о своих необычных каникулах в другой стране) заранее спасибо)

  • Dear Mary, thank you for your letter. I was very glad to receive it.
     In my letter I want to talk about my winter holidays.This winter I spent much time with my family.
    Winter is my favourite season. Together with my family we always make a snowman and  throw snowballs at each other. As for skiing, I usually do it with my father. 
    And the most important reason why I love winter holidays is the celebration of Christmas and New Year. These holidays are my favourite.
    This winter I’ve visited London. It was my dream to be there! London is the most beautiful city of England. I met the Christmas and New Year there.
    It was magical! The whole city was decorated with Christmas trees, lights and ornaments. 
     At night we waited salute in honor of the arrival of the New Year. It was the best fireworks I’ve ever seen!  The feeling I had was like a fairy tale!
    I liked my winter holidays very much. I’ll bring you gifts that I bought in London when I’ll back home.
    With Love, Dasha.