Написать мини-сочинение (не менее 10 предл.). «What is the role of imagination in the life of people?

  • The expression of emotions — the main rule for emo. They are distinguished: self-expression, the confrontation of injustice, special, sensual attitude. Often emo — vulnerable and depressed person.
    There is a stereotype of whiny emo as a man and a woman.
    Despite the fact that the emo-core emerged and developed as a variant of punk rock, values of these sub-cultures are quite different. [3] In contrast to classic punk, emo features an emphasis on romance and sublime love. Emo more attention paid to the profound personal experiences than on social events. [3] The emo culture totally devoid of aggressive machismo typical of hardcore — the direct ancestor of emo. [3]Emo is often compared to the gothic subculture, usually causing a protest at the «ready», and at the emo kidov, although some agree that among these sub-cultures have a certain relationship. [4] [5] Some researchers have suggested subculture that emo exposed greater risk of suicide than the «goths». According to Graham Martin, editor of the Australian magazine on mental health: