помогите пожалуйста (( очень надо((спасибо заранее))

    Then my parents were on vacation and so they took me to my parent’s place in the village. It’s a very picturesque place with a forest and a river nearby. I was happy to see my grandmother and grandfather. I spent hot days on the riverbank. Once we went hiking with my parents, made fire, gathered some berries. The summer forest is very beautiful. In the evening I usually helped in the garden.
    In June I stayed at home and my parents were at work. But I was glad because at last I had time for myself. I read books, listened to music, watched films and visited my friend. I spend most days outdoors and got a nice sun tan.

  • Summer is my favorite season. Summer holidays give the longest rest from studying of the year that’s why I like them so much.
    Then I spent two weeks in the summer camp on the seaside. It was a real fun. I met a lot of new friends. Every day we enjoyed something special — games, carnivals, competitions, performances. We went to the seaside twice a day. There we swam, bathed in the sun, played volleyball on the beach, made sculptures of sand. We had discos every night, but not too long. I guess, those were the most exciting weeks of the summer. It gave me bright impressions, lots of funny photos and some new friends.