• 1.sport plays a big role in our life. I am good at basketball. I took part in the competition last year but we didn’t win.
    2. many people go in for sport because it helps to kep fit and to feel well.
    3.when I go in for sport 
    I do the exercises, eat healthy food. these help meto keep fit.
    4.football is very popular both in Russia and Great Britain. 
    Playing chess is also very popular.
    5.Now I prefer skating. I like watching it on TV. 
    6.No, i am not a fan of any sport.
    7.yes, i have watched the competitions on the stadium. i was very excited. 
    8. the Olympic games are the biggest international competotions.
    9.winter games are: skiing, skating, hockey, bobsleigh. summer sports: swimming, football, tennis, racing. indoors: basketball, volleyball, table tennis.
    10. skating is thw most beautiful. bobsleigh is the most dangerous. jogging is the best sport for your healh. synchrinised swimming is the mosr interesting to watch. curling is the least interesting.