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London — one of the driest cities in Europe! In a year in London falls
590 millimeters of rain, but, for example, in Rome — the 760 in Florence
— 870, Milan — 1000.
All Britons believe that they drive on the «right» side of the road.
London, more than 1000 streets and every resident of London necessarily
atlas «A to Z» with a map of the city. Taxi drivers are required to
know all the streets in memory and pass the course «Knowledge» duration
of 3 years!
Local Aborigines say with absolutely incomprehensible accent.
Underground — the official name of the subway. Tube (Pipe) — colloquial name, which came from the cylindrical tunnels.
English really thin and very funny sense of humor. According to the
British jokes are not inferior to the inhabitants of Odessa.
resident of London, average per day appears on the 50 surveillance
cameras and 15 photographs of tourists, so everything just in case
Some bus stops have a display showing the minutes before the
arrival of the next bus in real time. And in London buses operate around
the clock, so that you can walk up to in the morning! Living in London
definitely has its advantages.
The British love with their pets and even write their wills.

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