Напишите пожалуйста 20 предложений на английском языке
5 о весне
5 о лете
5 о осени
5 о зиме

  • Зима
    First snow — the most beautiful.
    Winter requires warm clothes, shoes, thick mittens, wooly scarves.
    In winter, there is something to do — sledding, skiing, skating.
    Snowflakes never repeat each other and they are so beautiful, sweet, amazing.
    Winter nature resembles a fairy tale.
    Spring is the time of year, which are all waiting, tired of winter.
    The snow melts, jingle spring thaw.
    And as soon as snow will descend, the whole earth is quickly covered with fresh grass.
    In the morning I awoke bright rays of the spring sun, which broke my window.
    The city comes alive, the streets are filled with strangers
    There is a new summer day.
    Have you visited in the summer in the woods?
    Summer for me is the season of summer cottages.
    When summer comes immediately lifted the mood.
    Summer is the best season for travelling.
    In the autumn we will celebrate the holidays:the Day of knowledge and Day of the teacher.
    Autumn Park had a sad look.
    Autumn already visible in the fields of freezing.
    Autumn warm weather changes on the cold, usually rainy.
    First defoliation — the most beautiful.

  • as for me i like summer best. In summer the days are the longest and the night are the shortest, I have my summer holidays and my parents have their summer vocation, We spend a lot of time together/ We life to go the forest, it is very beautiful in the forest. There are many flowers/ we like to gather mushrooms. My mother cooks them very well. 
    There are three month in each season.March April and May are spring month. March is the first spring month. Bright run rays begin to melt snow in the fields and in the streets. In April small green leaves begin to appear in the trees. Birds vome back from the south. the fruit begin to blossom.

    in autumn the days become shorter and night longer. The sky is often cloudy. This is a rainy season . But there are some sunny days in the late September. People call them Indian summer. Pars, gardens and forests are very beautiful in autumn because the leaves are green, yellow, red and brown. At the end of October the leaves begin to fall from the trees.