Английский очень срочно надо, помогите пожалуйста. Нужен краткий пересказ этого текста, заменяя сложные слова лёгкими и  сократите его, чтоб было как можно меньше текста.

  • Mother Teresa was born in Albania. Her real name was Agnes. She had a good family. Her parents were very kind. They often gave food and money to the poor. They were the  first lessons in kindness for Agnes.
    When Agnes was only nine, her father died. Her family became poor. But later her mother opened the shop and all was well. That was the second lesson in life for Agnes: When life is difficult you must try, try and try.
    In 1928 Agnes became a nun. She called herself Teresa. Sister Teresa went to India to teach poor children. Later she began to help the poor and homeless.
     In 1948 she and her people set up Missionaries of Charity. They worked in hospitals and schools, helping people. 
    In 1979 Mother Teresa got the Nobel Pease Prize. She used all the money she got for homeless, poor, sick people. 
    After Mother Teresa’s death the Missionaries of Charity continue their work helping people.