15 речень про улюблений вид спорту по англійськи

  • I love playing with a ball, but most of all I love football . As they say , football, soccer and football again ! I play this game from spring to late autumn in sportmaydachyku and school stadium. And in the winter I ‘m in the indoor football hall of the sports complex. I was invited back our school physical education teacher , who leads classes there, too .
    Football — a very interesting game . It has a maximum speed , intelligence, accuracy reactions endurance. Whatever they said , and football coaches not only the feet but also the body as a whole. The players are also very hardened men chase a ball for the fresh air of early spring to late autumn. Also, football is a team game and develop unity and team spirit. And most of this game beckons me its unrivaled excitement!
    I am following the European and world football championship. I am very pleased that the last European Championship , Euro 2012, it was held in Ukraine and Poland. We are not daddy missed a single game on TV.
    Of course , I really hoped that the team of Ukraine will come out at least the quarterfinals . Unfortunately , this did not happen .