7 класс английский язык Кузовлёв и Лапа стр 139 напишите текст пожалуйста(((((( оч надо кто напишет дам 50 доп

  • Evangeline Booth was born in London on Christmas Day in 1865 and since her childhood she wanted to be like her father,William Booth.The Booth home was a place of good actions and wonderful ideas for helping others.William Booth tried to give the poorest people food and get jobs for them.He started the Salvation Army.Evangeline was only thirteen when she came to work in the Salvation Army.People called her the «White Angel».She raised money for poor people,supported needy people and brought them food.Many workers of the Salvation Army wont the other countries and Evangeline came to the USA and made the Army a strong organisation there.President Woodrow Wilson gave her a medal for her work.Then she came back to London and became the world leader of the Salvation Army.