Помогите пожайлусто зделать презинтацию на тему места Украины ))) Если можно то со словами..)

  • Украи́on(укр. Україна [ukrɑˈjinɑ]) is the state in Eastern Europe. A population, on results the census of 2001, made more than 48,4 million persons, from data of government service of statistics of Ukraine on November, 1, 2013 are 45 447 000 persons, territory are 603 549 kilometres². Occupies a 30th place in the world on the quantity of population, 44th on territory and second after Russia on territory among the countries of Europe.The capital is Kyiv. Official language — Ukrainian.Unitary state, парламентско-президентская republic. on February, 22, 2014 select in March, 2010 a president Victor Yanukovych was declared Supreme радой keeping oneself aloof from execution of constitutional plenary powers, on February, 23 execution of duties of president of Ukraine was laid on a chairman by Supreme glad Alexander Turchinov.Prime minister of Ukraine is Арсений Yatseniuk. Subdivided into 27 administrative-territorial units, 24 from that are areas, 1 — by an autonomous republic and 2 are cities